These Balcony Gardening Tools Will Make You Look Like a Pro (and Force Your Garden to Thrive)

Balcony Gardening Tools

Your balcony garden has one weakness: it’s exposed. Everyone can see what you have there, and that includes your tools.
With a traditional garden, you’ll have room for a shed somewhere on the ground where you can store away your tools after use.
On a balcony, the space for storing is limited.
So why not turn that weakness into a strength and proudly present your good-looking and sturdy tools?
By choosing the right tools, you can not only look like a pro. You will also have tools that last longer and keep looking great. And your garden will love you for it.

Tool #1 – A Stainless Steel Watering Can

Your balcony garden won’t thrive without water. So a watering can is a must, unless you have a functioning self-watering system.
You can obviously buy big, dark-green watering cans like the ones people use for a traditional garden, but they don’t look good. Plastic makes them look cheap, no matter how much you paid for it.
Why not go for a more noble metal?
You can get great-looking stainless steel watering cans that will last pretty for years. They are smaller than the plastic watering cans for traditional gardening, but that’s fine. Your balcony garden will also be smaller.
If you go for the LOOPSEED brand, you can even get a gold watering can. How exquisite would that make your balcony garden look?
Pro, right?

IMEEA Indoor Watering Can Stainless Steel Watering Can for Indoor Plants with Long Spout, 50oz/1.5L


Tool #2 – A Stainless Steel Hand Rake with Non-Slip Ergonomic Handle

Would a real gardener use a cheap hand rake with a wooden handle? No. He wouldn’t. He would use something that he knew he could hold in his hand comfortably for hours without getting blisters or sore muscles.
Even though it will only take you minutes daily to care for your balcony garden, you should treat yourself the same way. There’s nothing worse than making gardening a bad experience. After all, you’re supposed to enjoy this place, right?
You deserve the best tools. After all, you only buy them once and they’ll last you for years. So don’t be cheap. You’re just setting yourself up for blisters and pain.
You can find high-quality hand rakes on Amazon and other online stores as well as in your local plant nursery. The advantage of buying online is that you can see how real buyers have rated the products. You won’t know if you buy locally if the handle will fall off after a month’s use.

Garden Rake – Kemaier Stainless Steel Hand Cultivator for Heavy-Duty Soil Loosening, Planting, and Weed Removal


Tool #3 – Stainless Steel Hand Trowel with Non-slip Ergonomic Handle

You won’t be able to do much digging in your balcony garden without a hand trowel.
Use it to dig a hole in the soil for new plants or to remove dead or annual plants. At any rate, a hand trowel will come in handy more times than you’ll expect.
Make it as good-looking and long-lasting as you can.
Again, if you go with a hand trowel made of stainless steel, you won’t go wrong. A non-slip ergonomic handle will let you use it for a long time without feeling uncomfortable and without getting blisters or sore muscles.
It’s worth the investment to take that extra step. Your tool will last longer, you will enjoy using it more, and your balcony garden will thrive.
You can find this kind of hand trowel on Amazon.

Tool #4 – Stainless Steel Transplanting Trowel with Non-Slip Ergonomic Handle

Did you think your hand trowel was good enough for transplanting your plants? So did I, until I learned better.
A transplanting trowel have a thinner, extended blade that you can use to dig deep into the soil but without harming the fine roots of the plants you’re moving.
It has a perfect size for planting in small pots.
A transplanting trowel will definitely make you look like a pro and it will also save the lives of small, fragile plants.
Once again, I recommend you go for quality. Pick a trowel made of stainless steel, preferably with a non-slip ergonomic handle. This tool will last you for year and stay good-looking on your balcony.
You can find transplanting trowels on Amazon. Make sure to check the reviews that are made by verified purchases. You won’t see this feature at your local nursery.

Worth Garden Stainless Steel Garden Planting Trowel Shovel – 2-Color-Combined PP/TPR Ergonomic Grip – Hand Shovel Tool for Gardening Weeding Transplanting and Digging – T507B01


Tool #5 – Pruning Shears with Non-Slip Ergonomic Handle

Even a tiny garden like a balcony garden needs pruning. Otherwise, some stems and twigs grow too long without leaves. Besides, you want to get rid of withered flowers and dead leaves. They don’t look pretty and they may attract bugs and pests.
So a pair of pruning shears is a must.
Buy some that lasts. The best is to get them made of stainless steel and if possible, with a non-slip ergonomic handle.
The brand LOOPSEED has an excellent pair that fits right into your hand. They are made of high-quality carbon steel with built-in protection for your finger. They are ideal both for trimming, pruning, and shaping your balcony garden.
And oh, will they make you look like a pro.
You can find other great models on Amazon.

Worth Garden Heavy Duty 18″ Bypass Lopper – Short Bypass Tree Trimmer – Japanese SK5 Steel Blade w/Non-stick Coating – Branch Cutter w/Ergonomic Non-Slip Handles – 1.25″ Cut Capacity – S312A00

Tool #6 – Thorn Proof Garden Gloves with Grippy Texture

Yes, even if you “only” have a balcony garden, you should treat yourself with a pair of garden gloves. They are well worth it.
Otherwise, it’s easy to get tiny thorns into your hands when you remove weeds, or even bigger thorns if you have roses in your garden.
The grippy texture allows you to hold onto what you’re carrying so you don’t risk dropping that expensive terracotta pot on the floor of your balcony.
You can get many excellent pairs from Amazon. Again, profit from the honesty of verified buyers to help make your choice.

Professional Rose Pruning Thorn Proof Gardening Gloves with Long Forearm Protection for Men and Women

Tool #7 – A Stainless Steel Spray Bottle or a Glass Spray Bottle

The final must-have tool for your balcony garden is a spray bottle.
Sure, anyone would do, even an emptied one from your household, but if you want to enjoy your garden fully, you should get a pretty one that will last longer.
If you want to avoid cheap-looking plastic, you have two choices:

  • Go with stainless steel or
  • Glass

Both look awesome and very professional, and both will stay pretty, and last you longer.
The brand LOOPSEED has a pretty model in stainless steel. It has a modern, yet classic design.
You can find that and sturdy glass spray bottles on Amazon.

You Should Get Those 7 Tools

They will absolutely make a difference for you and your balcony garden.
You can even find that some of them can be found in sets. This will save you some money and assure that you get the same look and feel for all of your tools.
Some of the sets come with a carrying tote bag, which make them even more handy to work with.
With the right tools, you’ll look like a pro and your balcony garden will thrive.

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