7 Tips to Making Your Balcony Garden Look Pretty and Inviting

7 tips for balcony gardening

One of the most wonderful things about a “real” garden is that you can sit outside and enjoy its beauty. But even if all you have is a balcony, you can still reproduce that experience by decorating your balcony garden.
You can easily decorate your balcony and make it look pretty both from the inside and the outside.
Here are seven tips to making your balcony garden your favorite spot to go.

Tip #1: A Lick of Paint

Look at the walls and the balusters of your balcony. If it’s not freshly painted this year, a new coat of paint will make it a lot prettier.
If the balusters are made of metal, make sure to remove any rust before you paint it. Otherwise, the rust will quickly work its way through the paint and look ugly again.
Likewise, if you have mold on the walls, you need to take care of that first and not cover it with paint. It will return with a vengeance.

Tip #2: A Small Table and Chair

If you have the room for it, then adding a small café table and chair will make your balcony look friendly and inviting. You can find classic French bistro style tables and chairs. They fit well into a balcony with enough space. And you can fold the chairs and put them up against the wall when you don’t need them and want to protect them against sun and weather.

Tip #3: Combine Sizes and Levels for Attractiveness

Take advantage of the different size and shapes of your plants to create pleasing combinations.
You can for example surround a small tree with plants that are lower than half its height and then again surround those with low plants that cover the surface of the container or bed or even that will hang down from it.
You can also use racks to obtain the same change in levels if you have several of the same size plants on your balcony.

Tip #4: Mix Flowers and Greens

An all-green balcony garden can look good, but then you should aim for several shades of green.
Often it will improve the beauty of your garden if you have a mixture of flowering plants and green plants.
Also, be wary of which colors go well together. Don’t mix colors that are not in harmony and don’t overdo the number of colors that bloom at the same time.
If you can stick to a few different colors, it will improve the beauty of your balcony garden.

Tip #5: Cover the Soil with Beaty

Plants grow in soil unless you have a hydroponic garden. There’s no way around it, but you can cover the soil in different ways to make your garden look inviting.
If you have a container garden, then consider the pots. Plastic pots are easy to move around but not always pretty. See if you can find prettier options. You can go for pots that look like they are made of other materials, or you can hide the containers with plants that hang over the edge of the containers and cover them.
As an alternative, you can use decorative terracotta pots. They are heavier to move around, but they will also allow the root of the plants to breathe through the material.
If you have garden beds on your balcony, you can cover the soil with good-looking plants or microfibers. And here again, you can grow hanging plants near the edges to cover the material almost completely.
Whether your garden holds containers or beds, you can cover the soil itself by other plants like small strawberry plants or with pebbles.

Tip #6: Fake Grass

How does the decking of your balcony look? If it’s plain concrete, it’s not that pleasing for the eye. You can cover it with fake grass and make it look more natural.
As a secondary advantage of doing this, your decking will be much softer to thread on. And if you have room for a café table and chair, you will feel like you were sitting in a real garden.

Tip #7: A Mini Fountain

There’s something about water that is so calming and beautiful to look at. Even though you won’t have space for a small lake on your balcony, if you have room to fit in a mini fountain, it makes a huge difference.
The sound of the trickling water will soothe your nerves after a long day at work and as an extra bonus, the humidity from the water will help your plants stay humid as well.

Extra: Pretty Gardening Tools

Here’s an extra tip for you. Use pretty gardening tools and keep them on your balcony.
These tools may not be the cheapest option available but they are worth it in two ways:

  • They’ll likely last longer than cheap tools.
  • They’ll look better, especially if you keep them clean after each use.

What defines pretty for you? That will differ. But overall, if you go for tools where the metal is visible and not painted with green paint, they look better.
You can also find tiny rakes and shovels with handles made of beautiful wood instead of just metal. Some come with garden bags where you can keep them separated from each other.

Decorating Your Balcony

Now you have seven plus one way to decorate your balcony.
You don’t have to do them all at once. You can start wherever you want and take one thing at a time.
If you’re just getting started, the best way to begin, though, is by painting your balcony. Paint the walls and the balusters now because that will save you from moving all the plants later. This will especially help you if you plan to have garden beds or large racks for vertical gardens.
But among the other tips you’re free to choose the order.
You can even decide to go with only one or two of the ways to decorate your balcony and it will still look better at the end.
Decorating your balcony will please your eyes and it will become a much more welcoming place for you to go.

Haven Greensprout

I've found my passion in balcony gardening, relishing the simplicity and joy it brings to my urban life. The thrill of harvesting my own veggies has transformed my balcony into a lush oasis, proving there's unmatched delight in homegrown goodness.

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